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The year is 1905. the world looks like our world. Countries are at each other’s throats, Imperialism Reigns, the world population booms.

The Industrial Revolution began…Went insane… and never stopped.

The year is 1905. the world is NOT our world. Millions break their backs working in factories and sweatshops to survive of a minimum wage. Large Holding concerns produce everything the Wealthy class would need. Mechanical replacement organs, personal transportation vehicles, hand-held weapons that can flatten buildings and Servant Automatons.
Science has changed the world. Industrialization has crippled the globe. Nature failed as technology spread. The clouds have become black. the rain has become acid.
Monarchs have gone insane and are eyeing each other wearily. Global politics is a powder keg. All it needs is a spark. Doomsayers prophesize the end of the world.

And there is a woman in the White House.

  • Check out the world for more information on the setting.
  • people gives you a short list of men and women you’d like to know about.
  • Take a look at the Changes from the Normal 4th edition Rules.
  • added features ads new rules to the core set.
  • or browse the Armoury for some new toys.

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